BitHashMiner is the Best device which will have 20nm ASIC chips, Each ASIC chip performs 400 GH/s, BitHashMiner is Powerful and Energy Efficient SHA-256 Mining Machine with Advanced Techniques. Website:…

  • Price $1,000 USD (Promotional Pricing)
  • We Only Accept Bitcoins
  • Price after 31 March : $4,000
  • 100 Units for Pre-order
  • Minimum Order 1 Unit , Maximum 2 Units
  • Delivery Date April, 2015
  • Cost of shipment: 100% Free
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Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Technical specification
Hash Rate10TH/s
Power consumption1400W
Hashing AlgorithmSHA-256
ASIC25 ASIC chips – 400 GH/s each
Mining softwareCGminer preinstalled
Control UnitRaspberry Pi mini PC
Power supplyBuilt in 2 x 750W
ConnectivityEthernet Port, USB Port
Warranty5 year